What Is Drama Therapy?

React_Drama_Therapy_What_Is_Drama_Therapy.jpgDrama therapy is a creative therapy based on the premise that drama can be used as a means for therapeutic change. It offers students an opportunity to expand their perceptions and understanding of the world in a way that is gentle, yet extremely effective.

Through the use of such media as stories, myths, ritual, role-play and image making, the pupils are encouraged to explore their personal experiences, ideas and feelings in a safe, supportive environment. The structures used provide a dramatic distance from the material being explored, and so enable the young people to work as safely as they need to with the material. This ensures that students can work at a level that is appropriate for each of them individually, whilst still maintaining the cohesiveness and dynamics of working within the group.

Due to the nature of creative therapies, it is often difficult to fully evaluate the efficacy of such work, but research suggests that drama therapy can be beneficial in improving communication, development, language and sociability, as well as improving behaviour and interaction.

"Coming here has shown me how not to bottle up my feelings." Charlie, Aged 13