Interview and Communication Skills

Courses suited to 6th form students

To foster development of successful communication, and social skills. To creatively explore ideas and life situations using drama and theatre techniques. To enable the individual to feel heard and understood by others. To develop concepts of responsibility of self and others in relationships in order to promote increased self-esteem, confidence and healthier ways of functioning. To use acting techniques to enhance vocal and communication skills. To give a better understanding of the changes they may encounter after leaving school. To help alleviate any fears or anxieties they may have. To increase self confidence and self esteem. To encourage confident behaviour and communication eg. eye contact, good posture, smiling and listening. To offer a space to explore their time at School and the future which awaits them. To enjoy the process of working together as a group

A course of 4/5 workshops will be designed for each client group covering following topics:

" This course got me through my college interview,
I picked up load of tips to help me make a good impression." Jacob, aged 17